What Separates Us

A raw representation of how young men come of age in the mountains, What Separates Us follows Danny as he seems ready to commit to the austere existence provided to him after the death of his parents. He lives for his friends and the whiskey fueled rush of a midday brawl until he meets Parker, an art student at the local college. Their relationship forces Danny to take a hard look at his life and weigh the balance between his support system and the pursuit of his dreams. (excerpt provided by: Facebook – What Separates Us)

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Screening Location: Krikorian Downey Cinema 10
Starring: Bryan Ferriter, Shannon Mary Dixon, Dave Noel, Nathan Mills
Director: Bryan Ferriter
Website: Facebook – What Separates Us | Indiegogo – What Separates Us


What Separates Us – Trailer from Running Bear Media on Vimeo.