The Mysteries of Ichnos – The Witch of Belvi (I Misteri di Ichnos – La Strega di Belvì)

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Nicola is a boy who loves myths and old legends. One day, he pays a visit to his grandfather in a nursing home. This incident makes him decide to start a trip with the purpose to investigate on some news items that seem to be connected to the world of ancient legends. His friends Matilde, Anna and Antonio decide to go with him along this adventure, which takes them to camp in a wood near Belvì, an old village in the hinterland of Sardinia. In order to find out the cause of the strange form of anemia that has affected several newborns in town, the four children alternate nocturnal inspections and interviews with the inhabitants. Thanks to some of them, they manage to find and decipher the clues that allow them to proceed with their investigation and to learn how the elements passed on through legends and old stories can help them solving the riddle. They get to the conclusion that behind the scary cases they are studying there is an old woman who, victim of an ancient course, transforms into a blood-sucking witch known as sa sùrbile. Finally, after many turns, they manage to rescue the woman from her sad fate and to save the newborns from her menace.